2018 February Pet Business Astrology Forecast

Traveling light is the key to moving forward. The month opens on the heels of a lunar eclipse, a good time to release excessive social and work-oriented obligations. February brings a second eclipse, this one a solar on the 15th. Energies are unstable in the first half of the month; it’s best to go with the flow and refrain from making final decisions until the smoke clears.


Now the Sun, Mercury and Venus are traveling through detached, future-oriented Aquarius. The Water Bearer is associated with friends, associations and networks as well as that well-worn astrological phrase “hopes, wishes and dreams.” It’s said you can tell where a person is headed by the friends they keep and the groups they associate with. The underlying truth is that no man (or woman) is an island. It takes the help of our friends, allies and even community-at-large to survive and thrive.


Then Venus enters Pisces on the 10th and hearts open.


That New Moon on the 15th is a solar eclipse, a new moon on steroids. New moons are new beginnings; they open a door for something new to come into your life. It’s the nature of eclipses to act as wild cards. So that door can open to the totally unexpected and wonderful. Or just simply unexpected. This is especially true if you have planets or sensitive points near 27° Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio.


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The eclipse ties in Mercury who is making a friendly aspect to Uranus.  Look to new technology or the Internet as an answer to a vexing problem. Or be prepared to consider unconventional options. Nonetheless, there is potential for confusion or to put on rose-colored glasses as Mars is making a right angle to the planet of illusion. Again, the energy is unstable; let the smoke clear before taking action.


Prepare for a shift in the cosmic weather on the 17th and 18th when Mercury and then the Sun enter Pisces to open the doorway to the realm of art, poetry and spirit. While Aquarian energy is very mental and logical, Piscean energy opens the imagination and the heart. The thirty days following Sun’s entrance into Pisces can be a highly creative time for artists and designers.


Artists and romantics will be in their element on the 21st when Venus meets Neptune, but Mercury’s friendly sextile to Saturn keeps your feet on the ground. 


Another day conducive to poets and romantics is the 25th when passion runs high. But again, Saturn intervenes to nudge you back to reality through a friendly sextile to the Sun.