Re-charge, Re-focus, Re-invent…

February 2014 in pet fashion astrology is a new month and a new focus. Invigorated by yesterday’s new moon at 11 Aquarius, the Universe is asking you to build and replenish existing networks and connections. No man (or woman) is an island, as the saying goes, and none of us can do it alone.

Friends, colleagues and business associates, and other kindred spirits provide necessary support and feedback for your business to grow and you to remain balanced.

Aquarius is also tied in with community and strengthening the larger communities of which you are a member provides important supports and benefits.

This new moon also presents an opportunity to upgrade your online presence as it supports Uranus, planet of innovation, the unexpected and breakthrough. Both Uranus and Aquarius are associated with electricity, the digital revolution and the internet.

You began experiencing Aquarian energy when the Sun entered that sign last month, but the new moon signals that the next two weeks are the time to highlight your efforts in these areas.

As we begin the month, Venus is ready to resume its direct motion; you will have a better sense of your longer-term design and aesthetic direction. Nonetheless, Mercury, planet of communication, thinking and mechanics, is slowing in preparation to its retrograde journey beginning February 6th. Mercury retrogrades three times a year. This is when the Universe wants you to step back and play catch-up. All of us need to step back from time-to-time to regain perspective, refine and do all of the behind-the-scenes tasks that are too easily shortchanged or overlooked when the going is hot and heavy.

I recommend that you keep a list of such tasks and pencil them into your schedule to be done during Mercury Retrograde periods. Mercury retrograde is also an excellent time to renew old connections, revisit old leads and old strategies to mine them for those that are currently useful. Research is a hallmark of well-utilized Mercury Retrograde energy. Given that Mercury will spend most of its retrograde journey in Aquarius, paying attention to past connections, projects, contacts through networks and organizations will be particularly fruitful.

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