The last month of 2014 finds energy and spirits running high with 6 planets in fire. Mars about to leave earthy Capricorn keeps us in from completely being consumed by our passions.
The full moon on the 6th provides an excellent opportunity for pointed conversation. The opportunity is available to clear the air and generate new thinking as Mercury, planet of conversation and Uranus, planet of genius and innovation are closely tied into the configuration. Perhaps this is because people say more than they realize with Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter, set off by Mercury, planet of communication. If you listen carefully, you can get valuable info.

Despite the overabundance of hot air generated, there is certain to be an ‘aha’ moment when an ingenious solution presents itself to a thorny problem and your perspective is opened wide. With such a concentration of upbeat Sagittarian energy it is hard not to feel optimism about the world and your place in it.

Emphasizing the upbeat vibe, this month, Jupiter in Leo stands stationary in the sky, about to go retrograde. He is smiling and wants you to shine in all of your glory. This energy is strongest in the first week of the month. When you feel so positive it is easy to rise above petty annoyances to work within a larger perspective.
In fact looking at your ‘big picture;’ your path in the pursuit of your personal truth is the most powerful use of this energy. To that end, adventure, long-distance travel, higher education, and contact with people and places from cultures different from yours open your thinking. Nonetheless, this spirit of optimism and reaching out has powerful business applications. Helping your prospects and customers find happiness and advancement of their desires and goals through the use of your products and services is the cornerstone of successful marketing.

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