The rays of the sun reign supreme during these hot, hazy, crazy days of summer. The Sun along with his entourage, Mercury and Jupiter, has moved into Leo where he is king.

Leo is the place where you and your clients show your individuality and express your uniqueness. Leo stirs the creative juices. Being seen, being noticed, making your impression with style and panache are key. The first three weeks of August
is a grand time to take out your paintbrush, paint bold strokes, and show the world just who you are now.

Leo also celebrates children and play. Make time for some playtime for yourself, sometimes easier said than done when running a business and trying to keep food on the table. But play, and letting your inner child out to have fun keeps the
creative juices flowing, not to mention that all work and no play gets old. Incorporate Leo fun into your marketing and promotions. Have a fashion show or a party to show appreciation for your customers and partners. Give them a place to show off their creativity. This is likely to add fuel to your own.



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