Each month, we’ll be bringing to you a listing of the holidays by date, week, and month. See below for the April 2016 Pet Holidays.

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April 2016 Pet Holidays

April 2016 Pet Holidays by Month

• National Frog Month
• National Pet First Aid Awareness Month
• Heartworm Awareness Month
• World Habitat Awareness Month
• Zoo & Aquarium Month
• Prevention of Lyme Disease in Dogs Month
• Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
• Adopt-a-Greyhound Month

April 2016 Pet Holidays by Week
1st week:
• Be Kind to Spiders Week
• International Pooper Scooper Week
• Bat Appreciation Week
2nd week:
• Be Kind to Animals Week
• National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week
3rd week:
• National Pet ID Week
• Animal Cruelty/ Human Violence Awareness Week
• National Week of the Ocean
• Thank a Police Dog Week
4th week:
• Scoop of the Poop Week
• Forest Week
• National Pet ID Week
• World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week/ Lab Animals Week

April 2016 Pet Holidays by Date
April 2 National Ferret Day
April 4 Tag Day
World Rat Day
April 7 International Beaver Day
April 8 Zoo Lovers Day
Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
Dog Farting Awareness Day
April 9 Dog Fight Awareness Day
April 11 National Pet Day
April 14 National Dolphin Day
April 16 Save the Elephant Day
April 19 Pet Owners Day
April 24 Lost Pet Awareness Day
Hairball Awareness Day
World Day for Animals in Laboratories
April 25 World Penguin Awareness Day
World Veterinary Day
Pet Parents Day (last Sunday in April)
April 26 Kids and Pets Day
Help a Horse Day
April 27 Feral Cat Spay Day
April 28 International Guide Dog Day
National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day
April 30 Adopt a Shelter Pet Day
Animal Advocacy Day
Bugs Bunny Day