Each month we’ll bring you excerpts (below) from Ellen Zucker’s April 2016 pet business astrology forecast that she wrote as a co-author for the Pet Business Planning Almanack – 2016 Laurren Darr, Founder of International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals. You can get the book on Amazon in printed version and Kindle format. As a part of Kindle’s Matchbook program, if you purchase a printed copy, you can get a FREE copy of the Kindle version.

April 2016 Pet Business Astrology Forecast

As April begins, the planets form an arrangement that looks like a giant arrow.

Nine of the ten planets are crowded into a space less than 120 degrees wide while the tenth, Jupiter, forms the arrow’s tip. This arrow formation concentrates planetary energies waiting to be serviced in the pursuit of a specific goal or agenda.

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius the archer, aims his bow high in the sky. Aim your sights high and push the envelope. Five of those planets are in signs of fire. Saturn next to Mars in Sagittarius on one side of the apex represents focused action. Sun, Uranus, and Mercury in Aries on the other speak to the gifts of entrepreneurial spirit, passion, innovation, and forward thinking.

Pluto next to Moon in Capricorn brings intensity and pragmatism while Venus and Neptune in Pisces confer the gifts of vision and imagination. Clear intent and single-minded focus are the keys to making the most of this first week of April.

April’s energy is bold, fresh, and forward-looking. With so many planets in cardinal signs, customers, partners, and superiors want to get to the point and see results.

The new moon on the 7th reactivates the Uranus/Pluto square, a long running pattern that has had a major impact on us since the beginning of the decade.

Since the early part of this decade, Uranus and Pluto have been in a roughly 90-degree alignment, a square. This pattern is the primary astrological indicator of the intense upheaval, social and political change, and technological strides we’ve been experiencing collectively. If the configuration touched your chart directly, you likely have experienced life-changing events in your own life…

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