Adrenaline And Unpredictability… read on for the April 2014 pet fashion astrology forecast…

Oftentimes, navigating the astrological currents is akin to whitewater rafting. During some periods, the water is calm and peaceful. But in April you hit the white water and the excitement begins.

Adrenaline runs high this month. April brings high energy, exuberance and unpredictability.

So much energy and so much energy running loose: what can’t you accomplish if you’re somehow able to harness the power.

The first half of the month is filled with the fiery energy of Aries whose energy burns up hot and fast, and burns out quickly. Impatience and an itchy trigger finger rules; the trick is to maintain focus and maintain enough discipline not to pull the trigger until everything is in place.

Expect passive-aggressive behavior from bullies who can’t get their way. Frustration, even a lack of energy, are signals that, like Mars, you may have to retrace steps or take a second look at a chronic irritant.

Mars is warrior energy. It describes how you stand up for yourself and handle anger. It also describes desire and passion. Mars is also the planetary ruler of Aries shaping that way the sign’s energy is expressed.

Mars in retrograde motion is akin to a warrior looking backward and second-guessing himself. And the Warrior Planet is uncomfortable in Libra where he has to play nice, say ‘please’ and mind its manners.

But taking a moment to consider the feelings of others is hardly a bad thing. The key to working with Mars in Libra is to work with others. Using shared energy to attain your goals strengthens existing partnerships and pushes you to
develop additional alliances.

Like a good general reviewing past battles to determine which strategies work best, this is an excellent time to review your own past battles, especially if they play into existing or recurring conflict.

Reworking your relationships, examining how you handle anger and how you can use your own energy more efficiently are excellent uses of this energy.

April 2014 is a month of culmination….. Want the full April 2014 pet fashion astrology forecast and the full 2014 pet fashion astrology overview? Check out the Pet Fashion Almanac 2014.