Each month we’ll bring you excerpts from Ellen Zucker’s pet fashion astrology forecasts that she wrote as a co-author for the Pet Fashion Almanac 2015 with Laurren Darr, Founder of International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals. In addition to the 2015 Pet Fashion Business Astrology Forecast, Ellen has prepared a 2015 Pet Fashion Trends – Astrological Viewpoint, which you’ll find here.

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Watch the video from Laurren for an overview from our pet fashion business astrologer, Ellen Zucker, for her Pet Fashion Trends – Astrological Viewpoint.


With Jupiter in Leo until August, clients will be particularly eager to express themselves through fashion. Dramatic style, fun, and flamboyance will carry the day. Leo wants to be seen and noticed.

It is also the sign of royalty and so high-end and luxury items will be in demand.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, so designs and colors that evoke the Sun such as yellows and oranges will appeal as well as tropical motifs.

Although Jupiter shifts into Virgo in early August, Venus’s retrograde journey results in a second extended visit for Venus in Leo. As a result Leo’s flamboyant colors and styles holds sway until October 8th when Venus finally leaves the sign.

While Venus is retrograde (July 25th through September 6th), it is time to look backward. So while the planet is retrograde, consider retro looks and playing off of a theme reminiscent of a time in the past because these will get more traction now. But Venus joins Jupiter in Virgo, tastes change. Virgo is as understated as Leo can be over the top.

Virgo is an earth sign; it is practical, frugal, and conservative. One of its functions is to refine and polish the raw creative expression of Leo. Hence a Virgo or Virgo rising person will typically present a polished appearance with nary a wrinkle and not even a hair out of place. The buttoned-down shirts and pleated skirts of a schoolgirl are evocative of one type of Virgo look. Virgo likes practical, tailored, classic clothes that can be worn year after year as opposed to fads. It is conscious of quality and price, so you may want to consider finding a way to offer a discount or sale. Jupiter stays in Virgo until September 2016.

While Jupiter is one descriptor of overall trends, it is Venus that describes what you find attractive and your sense of style. Hence this is the first place to look to glean your fashion sense from an astrological perspective. Look to the sign where Venus, as well as aspects to the planet, is found in your chart. This information is useful when tailoring clothing to specific customers.

Included in the Pet Fashion Almanac is a summary of Venus through the signs. If you do not know which sign Venus was in at the time of your birth, keep in mind that Venus cannot travel more than two signs forward or back from your sun sign. So read the sign descriptions and see what resonates. Note that many people dress in keeping with their ascendant or rising sign so read that description also.

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